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Zagadnienia Naukoznawstwa” - “The Science of Science Quarterly publishes only original material (papers, reviews, debates, reports). Submission of the text is tantamount to the commitment that it has not yet been published and is not considered for publication elsewhere.

English and Polish language texts are accepted for publication. The submission is electronic to the address; naukoznawstwo [at] pan [dot] pl.

The submitted text (in .rtf, .doc or .docx format) should be prepared for the double peer review (all identifying information should be removed both from the text and the file). Author(s) information, including affiliation and the contact author, should be send separately. The submitted article should contain: title, abstract, keywords, text, references.

Graphics (photos, drawings, diagrams, etc.) should be sent as separate files. Indicate in the text the location of the graphics by its file name

Submissions undergo double peer review (both the authors and the reviewers are not aware of the respective identities). Prospective authors are requested to revise the texts in accordance with the reviewers suggestions or otherwise provide an explanation. 

The editors reserve the right to make minor stylistic and terminological changes in the submitted texts without notifying the author.

The editors reserve the right to reject a text without review, if the content does not correspond with the journal's Purpose and Scope. Authors are responsible for the rights to quote fragments of other publications (text excerpts, tables, drawings, photographs or other graphic illustrations).

The publishers do not offer honorarium for the published materials. The copyright of the published materials  belongs to the publisher.